indoor tire prep


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Im running indoor coke syrup and ive been running into a problem, im fast all day then come feature time the rubber on the track goes away then im junk im trying to figure out a good prep to go good with burris 33's to be consitant all day plz help thanks
Might need to change tires too. I've never run syrup but from reading seems like they don't run Burris usually...Dunlop, Firestone and Unillis are what I've heard. Hopefully someone that knows way more then me can help you out.
yeh i havnt tried the burris 33 yet but i will be the next race because everyone i talk to says there the way to go just need a good prep to go with them to keep them consistant all day
the burris are gonna be much better, firestones or dunlops are alittle faster. but the burris are consistent.
your gonna want unpreped burris to start. prepped dirt tires are gonna be sketchy.
Call us at Assassin Tire Solutions. We race and have several customers racing syrup. 515-229-5736 ask for bryan nevins jr