Inertia Dyno Problem


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I have a Hewitt dyno i got in 09. I've used it occasionally for my own motors and never really got much info about the dyno itself from the time i bought it. It has the Performance trends setup which is great, haven't had many issues with it until this to stop me. I had to put brake shims in last week because the brakes wouldnt stop it without much much effort. So after i did this it stops great. But i had to remove the pickup wheel sensor to get the brake bracket off. Now after re "aiming" it i only get about 1/2 the wheel rpm that i should have. I noticed that one of the little things that is glued into a tiny hole in the flywheel just fell out and was basically gone. Using a pick it looks like it was just epoxied or super glued into the wheel. The other one is still intact.

What is this? Any old magnet chunk that gets glued in there? Or is it something specific i need?

I think you are on the right track. I would copy the other pickup as far as aprox. size of the missing magnet and put one on and test it. The old magnet is probably hiding some where close, stuck on some metal. I think the performance trends software also has the option to change the setup to utilize just one magnet too, if all else fails.
I talked with stan a while back the info I got was the magnet is epoxied in the thing that seems relavent is now this off "memory" the south pole needed to face out. Better email or call I'm sure he will provide the proper procedure.
Course you could check it with a compass if you wanted to see now.
Kindly inform us please.
I lost a magnet once and replaced it with one from a craft store. They sell these small round magnets in packs for a few dollars.
No pole problems.

One magnet works fine. You need to tell the software that there is just one in the dyno setup files.