Info needed on an Edge Talon

I am purchasing an Edge Talon kart. What was the last year these were made and does anyone have any info on them? I do know they were built by CKI but I havent found anything on them. Any help is appreciated.


They was not built by cki they were built by comet karts out of indiana, I use to be a dealer for them and rode them for a few years, im guessing 2007 was last year or close to it for the Talon. Was a very fast kart in its day, we win alot of races on them. Call comet karts they can answer any questions you may have.


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Last year for them was 2006. Build by Comet Kart Sales. Best kart I've ever been on. If you need any info please feel free to contact me.


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They were made for them by a chassis builder that I cant spell but here goes,Nervo coggins or something.