Intek vs animal rocker arms

is there any difference between intek rocker arms and animal rockers, just wondering as i was scraping an old intek but keeping a few parts for spares
did anyone ever race the intek's? I come across a bunch of them but never give them a thought, even for yard projects.
I guy on here Paul Dauss ? goes by PD has run them.he is on the open RWYB side most
of the time.I also missed spoke on the heads,the intek and animal are the same but
the vanguard head is the same but not the port.the intek is a bushing block but
bearing side cover of animal or vanguard will fit.also the vanguard is dual bearing
like the animal
Because of the port shape the Intek could be better than the other 206 heads, where high velocity, but not quite as much flow is preferred.

However, no legal Animal engine can run the standard Intek head. No legal ltd.mod Animal can run that head.

.......Paul Doss (PD Power)
The Intek head has the same port angles as an Animal head but has a huge restriction in the intake port.
One would have to precisely machine (not die grind) that restriction out to match the flow of an animal head.
For an Open engine (the only place you could legally use such a head) increasing the flow will have more advantage than a higher velocity.