Internal with Burris 33s?

Ian Campbell

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Wanted some feedback on the use of internal prep in Burris 33s. Have heard many people say that internal prep only affects the sidewalls and won’t really penetrate the rubber to affect the run like an external prep. Others have said it will. Any thoughts?

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With 33s provided you have the right ones and choose them to match conditions no external prep will be fastest, in some cases an internally prepped 33 is best especially for qualifying.


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^ This depends a LOT on the track surface and the car count.
Here in the midwest, you'd be hard pressed to make a 33 with no external prep work at all.

About half of our personal 33 inventory has Pink Panther internal prep. We use it primarily on smaller low/no bite tracks where we need more sidebite. We also have some mild conditioner (Medium Rare) rolled in some older date code 33s for big tracks and money races, but that's the rare exception. Generally (especially when you are forced to run current date code 33s) we want as stiff of sidewall as we can get (which means no internal at all.)

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