IRS troubles for Montoya


The Internal Revenue Service is demanding $2.7 million in extra taxes and penalties from race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who, it asserts, had $9.5 million in taxable income in 2007 and 2008, nearly four times the $2.4 million he and his wife reported on their joint tax returns for the two years.

In a previously unreported lawsuit filed in U.S. Tax Court, Montoya concedes that in those two years he had nearly $800,000 more in gross receipts, interest and partnership income than originally reported, but challenges the IRS’ other, even bigger dollar adjustments.


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the real reason for all this is nascar wanted the money for the jet dryer that "broke" and was in his way.


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He must have bought his stuff from KART PARTS DEPOT, just ask rainman from Surry, Virginia about their great customer service on return parts
LOL , Remember he wiped out the safety truck because the trailing arm broke under caution ,,, decent car ? Too funny .