Is a one man stand necessary if one might be alone at the track?

Close to picking up a kart with Briggs 206. Originally was thinking of picking up an electrical kart stand but now I don't want to spend that much money. I am thinking of puttin cart in back of mini van with seats down. Hope it can fit. I was thinking of getting a std. kart stand. Anybody make this situation work? How about being alone at the track, is this "doable" to get kart out and in car, on kart, off kart? Thx. Ger.


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I have never seen somebody who needs a hand not get one. Whoever you pit next to will probably help you pick it up and a bystander at the staging area can help you get it down. Racing alone has its benefits and draw backs. If you have a short turn around, being alone kinda sucks, but at least for me, not having to worry about making sure my friends/pit help is feeling needed is mentally draining.


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I run two classes and they are back to back. I push em up one at a time and have someone give me a hand getting them both down off stands. That way when I cross the scales I can bale out and jump in the next one. Then someone usually helps me load em up and repeat the process... it’s a long day but there is always help around.


I can get a kart on and off a pick up truck by myself so, a mini van should be ok. Can't get it on or off a kart stand by myself so, by yourself, you'd be on the ground for any work you'd want to do, which would be a drag.

The electric kart stand is the best piece of equipment I ever bought. Add up how many lifts for one day of racing and you'll see it's more than you'd do in a weight training session.
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When I started it was me and my little grandson, I built a tilting lift for about 10$ worked good. I built a electric last winter ,have around $250 in because I bought tires the don't need air.


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I raced alone quite a while and never had trouble finding random help at a track when needing to load/unload the kart before or after races. My problem was that I just don't like asking for help. Bought a one man stand and love it. Plus it comes in handy working alone in my shop.