Is Valhalla Racing still in business?


Does anyone know what is going on with Team Valhalla Racing that make the Armadillo chest protector? I placed an order mid December and have not received my chest protector or any communication about my order. My Credit card was charged a few days after the order was placed. I have emailed, called and left messages and sent text messages and have gotten no response.
We're still here. It's been rough, but we're here.

It's been a tough holiday season this year with the passing of a parent and a supplier that can't hit delivery dates due to employment issues. Most orders have been filled, but there are two orders out there due to the size of the vest ordered, that have been pushed back. We apologize for that and are doing everything we can to get them out.

If you're the gentleman from NY that had a Small Armadillo on order.... we cancelled and refunded your order.

Sorry for being AWOL, but life happens and we sometimes wander around in a dark place for awhile. Life is good though.

Steven Peters
Team Valhalla Racing


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Is this Valhalla Racing still in business (circa summer 2022) I placed an order for a child's chest protector and am getting no response from the, phone call, text...


I tried ordering a 360 device from them a few months ago. I got an email canceling the order and stating the vendor suppling the foam for it went out of business. They were working on finding another vendor but tooling was going to cost $30,000. Hopefully they can land in their feet and start supply the products again.