ISO Animal crankcase


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I am new to karting and bought a 2 kart operation from a guy who I thought was a up front honest individual but as the days rolled by I find that is not the case at all so a word of advise to a newbie........BEWARE. Anyway as my luck would be after the purchase I discover that the bullet built engine had a big patch on top of motor under the cover plate where it had suffered some kind of damage prior to me owning it and after about 20 or thirty laps of track time I notice oil leak and with more inspection I find a very long crack starting at patch that zig zags across and down the crankcase. so with all that being said I am in search for another case that I can put my parts in and on. If you can help me shoot me a message. THANKS.


If you talk the talk you should walk the walk
Another option would be to use epoxy to seal the leak.
I have seem lots of engines with patches on them work very well for a very long time.
If it otherwise works good sealing it may be another option.
If not what size bore does it have?
If you are planning to use the same piston and rings you will need to know that.
I have some good used blocks and new ones as well.