Iso scale stands, 2 tire rollers, 1 hot box, lead, 1 tire resurfacer, one race take offs

I'm looking for the following. I've put up an add before but have had no luck nailing down anything. Lots of talk but no finishing the deal. I need this asap as in by this weekend if possible. Closer to me the better. Some items I can wait on if the deal is good.
2 tire rollers like new no junk
1 hot box single row like new no junk (prefer deparado)(rollers and hot box must have pans)
1 tire resurfacer
2 trailer tire racks
20 lbs or more lead (probably take all you got if don't have to ship)
All single race take offs ht3s and else
May also be interested in complete buyouts if you have a good deal. Call 8646034143 James recluse kart shop