Jackshaft ???


They are all good.... Used them all dont be afraid. Also Tim taft is making them now. Good piece for the Moey he is on here as well
I have a jack shaft the I would sell for $75 shipped if you or anyone else is interested. I think it is a buller but not 100%


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I sent a PM to you and if Will does not want a used Buller please let me know I need another for my Boy.


BMI....like the slotted adjustment with 2 Allen bolts over the u clamp Buller style with nuts. BMI is easier to adjust.

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Who's running the Jackshaft kit from BMI Kart and Supply's?
Good and the bad

IMHO BOTH the Joe's (aka Gibb's) & BMI j/s are DAINTY/Fancy and WEAK/fragile ("Where's the Beef"...) not strong & solid like a Buller which is above average BUT still not the "Abram's or Tiger Tanks" of Jackshafts that are individually handmade by a Northwest Kart machinest aka "The Farmer" and for about the same price. I mean for $10 more why not get the best? $290 vs $300 who cares its a lifer you'll never sell. Then again who builds & ports a faster engine that's more bullet proof than "The Farmer " ??