Jake Scott Racing JSRE

Keep in mind we have been advertising on facebook about our new deal we are offering , The 2014 AKRA rules ( for clones ) have been released, There will be a better rod you can run in your motor and it only cost $2 more then the stock rods that are being ran now. Along with a few other minor changes. That being said starting December 7th lasting until December 21st if Anyone is needing a rebuild / refresh to get your Engine performing at it's best for ( 2014 AKRA RULES ) For your FIRST rebuild All you will need to pay is cost for parts that are needed to freshen your Engine and shipping costs if your motor has been shipped in. And there will be a $15 labor fee. THATS IT! That's all you pay! After your first rebuild prices go back to standard rebuild costs. To purchase a new 2014 clone AKRA Engine you will get a $50 discount from December 7th - December 21st for any Tire/Chassis help or more information needed contact JSR at 912-675-2141 and we'll get you hooked up!