Hey James, sent you an email to your hotmail account that is posted in your profile. Not sure if you check that account. If not, what is the best email for you?

Thanks, Greg

I do not have a hotmail account. The e-mail listed on my profile is my Gmail account which I rarely check. If you need to privately contact me, you may either private message me here on Bob's or e-mail the PRC address, prc@carolina.rr.com. If you are encountering chassis problems you can also post your problems on here so others and I may provide feedback.

didnt want to bore anyone with another triton setup question LOL.
bought a 2012 triton that was set up for dirt....going to run it on pavement....bought a thin wall and an icon 5 degree spindle/castor block.... whats the recommendations for seat placement for the lg select to be mounted ...center of seat offset from steering post? how far off motor rail? pavement.. clone..375lbs vegas,,190 lb driver, also i have the RF lead to the rear, what should the LF lead be? i like the new chassis, been on a nemesis since 2002.

I'd set your seat like this: center of front of seat 5/8" left of steering upright, RR strut 4" from motor rail, front of seat 1/4" from touching steering upright, top of seat 8.75" from top of axle.

I'd run both caster blocks back and start with a baseline like this: 46.5% nose, 59.5-61.0% left (adjust according to bite), 65.0% cross, +0.25 LF camber, -3.25 RF camber, 6 deg LF caster, 8 deg RF caster, 1.5" front stagger, 1" rear stagger (more for small tracks, less for big), 38.75-39.0" rear track width (RR rim 3/16" from frame rail).

Good luck!