Jammer clutches rebuilds all models of go kart clutches


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Jammer clutches rebuilds all models of go kart clutches, with 15 years experance we have found several tricks for making your clutch pull better than new.


Jammer the true solution for all your clutch needs
we had 1 heck of a run at the spook 100,braden won his heat in med clone and finished 2nd in the feature,the 100 lapper was a crazy race,started 12 and 15 laps later hes runnin 5th,braden and another kart tangle and braden goes all the way to the rear and 10 laps later hes back up to 5th,he gets under a kart comin off 2 and drag races to 3 and the outside kart spins,bradens got DQ'ed for someone else spin....that was crazy...but we accepted there rules...but without a doubt he was gonna win it.....
you show so much class everytime you are at the track, bad call but you accepted it. alot of teams could take a lesson from your team
we have been recieving alot of calls about clutch repairs along with calls about our rebuilding service, yes we repair clutches that others have tried to rebuild. call the shop with any questions you might have about your clutch issues

Jammer Go Kart Racing Clutches
has been meeting the karting needs of gokart racers and
enthusiast since 1998. All of our racing clutches are performance built with premium
materials and manufactured for reliability and longevity. We build our clutches
for the class the karter is going to race, so there is no need for adjustment out of the box.
Just bolt it on and go!
we are getting calls about clutch repairs, please call before you send out your Jammer clutch to other rebuilders to make sure you are sending it to an Jammer authorized shop. you do not want any discount parts in your clutch