Jerry Cox engines

My daughter has ran one of his engines for the last couple of years. We are happy with them. She has a few feature wins with it, and has raced a few times in open backyard classes. She has called him from the track a few times with questions, he has always taken time to talk to her and give her advice.
We did our research before deciding to go to Cox and let me tell you, it was the best decision we've made. He is the real deal and is awesome to deal with.
Call him 931-619-1506. .. You won't regret it.
How did you hear about his engines?.. Folks running them at your area tracks?
I have 13 weekends of running 2 classes per weekend on my engine. I've gotten 19 feature wins in 13 weekends. Hands down best power in all the clones I've ran.

Engines perform great and he's really helpful when you're at the track and trying to figure certain things out.

I suggest to anyone on here that is running his engines to run them with amsoil 4t. If you do not have a contact for amsoil reach out to me and I will be more than happy to get you in contact with one of the best amsoil reps in the business.
Anyone have experience with Jerry Cox clone motors. Are they good motors, power wise, reliable, good to deal with?
This is our second year on Cox engines and there the best engines money can buy the power of his engines are incredible they never stop pulling there really reliable and very good motors Jerry is one hell of a guy and will do anything to help anyone. Highly recommend a Cox performance clone!!
I ran a Hanson motor at the beginning of the year and ordered me a new Cox mad man series ever since I’ve been on a Cox I have 9 top 5 finishes and several 2nd place finishes and 2 feature wins I wouldn’t recommend no other engine then a Cox performance racing engine Jerry is great with customer service if you have any more questions get ahold of me with a Cox engine I highly recommend using amsoil 4t lubricant I know a very good amsoil rep and he will hook you up! Highly recommend Cox performance he will be the only engine builder that’ll touch our engines
We started running COX engines and my son has picked up tremendously. Jerry is very helpful. Strong red plate now moving to green..
I wish i could say the same thing. I haven’t had any good luck. Motor doesn’t make any power. I’ve had 8 people, mostly up north, have had same issues. Few of them ordered engines 6-7 months ago and still haven’t received. Always some excuse.
Won 12 of 13 mains last season on Cox Performance engine. It's been extremely reliable. And makes awesome power. Look at all the positive reviews vs the one negative. Jerry is top notch to work with. To say his engines don't make power is 100% inaccurate. He won't send anything out that he isn't satisfied with on the Dyno.
i do not know cox or ever used one of his motors but with any builder there will be 10 good things to say to 1 bad. just like on here. if you are new i would say find a local bulder that will also help you with tires. i would all so say if you are new you most likely will not liston and blame the motor. my grandson runs a red plate kit motor has won the last 2 points races at are track and will take him anywhere with that motor and if i hit the tires he will win. next year at daytona he will run a kit motor . i will rent tires he will run up front. motors dont win races.
When I was looking to get into clone racing, I read this very string of comments in late 2021. I ordered and paid for two engines in November and December 2021. Got my first engine April 30th 2022 and got my second one Oct 16 2022. Always some excuse about second engine.

I'm glad to see that people have had good experiences with him. Mine was not, and have moved on.