Jr lo206 vs jr clone vs jr flatty

At our local track they run the clones ( blue plate) and flats (wka blue plate) against each other, with a weight handicap, the clone is +30lbs. How would the jr2 lo206 stack up to the competition? And what would you have to do weight wise to make it fair.

Wondering because a few racers locally are leaning towards some 206 action, and whatever dad has, baby girl has to have too.

I have never seen a 206 run so its new for us.
Seems I saw some hp rating somewhere. If anybody has the link
We ran a red slide against a blue animal (blue are close in animal and flatty) and got killed. The kid had half a second a lap over every 206, pavement flat foot track.
mopdog I will see what I can come up with for MAOS see if I cant get a engine package that will be comparable that way guys like Oldschool00 can run a 206 against a stock animal
The blue slide LO206 6100 rev limiter (not the JR LO206) would be the closest match for your jr class. No, the clone won't outrun the 206 head to head. From what I've seen, you'll have to add a bunch of weight to the LO206 to slow them down. We've got a class of blue slide 206s for the jr2 kids here locally. Remember, the slides are much different than the plates!
Mopdog, what are you guys doing running the red slide against a blue animal? Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight. :)

Brian Carlson
Carlson Racing Engines
Was the track rules for Chapel Hill WKA national event and we had 5 LO206's and thought we could run together.....1 Blue Animal showed up so they threw the kid in our class and he sandbagged us till half way through the feature. We tried to tell them thats what they were doing and let us adjust but no one would listen.
Hi guys
I'm new to karting but I've been around racing pretty much my whole life.

On a sprint kart track, is there a way for the lo206, clones, flatheads, and animals
To run together and each be competitive? I know the flatty and animal are much faster
But can't they be restricted by weight, intake, or exhaust?

Bruce J