JRPW Seeking Qualified Employee


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JRPW is seeking a member to join our team, karting knowledge is required. duties to include kart assembly, order filling, engine disassembly, light machining work, can grow into more with right person. Contact Jimmy @ 706-863-1206 for more info. Replies to here may not be seen for days

Ted Hamilton

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Man, I wish you were in NC. I'm a machinist, 3D CAD guy, assembler and disassembler, have managed logistics for manufacturing, done customer service and cold call sales, door to door, taught and managed in ministry (am ordained), helped run a New York State touring kart series, have done web programming and storefront setup, and would love nothing more than to live out my years make a living supporting karting and/or flying... The insurance companies kept calling trying to recruit me, but not my thing... Good luck in your candidate search. If you open a NC branch. let me know! :)