JSR Jake Scott Racing Engines

(JSR) Jake Scott Racing Out of Savannah, Georgia
Specializes in Engine Building, Tire Treating, Chassis set-up's and Karting maintenance as well!
We are currently building completed, brand new AKRA legal blueprinted Box Stock Engines for $625 plus shipping. All hand picked parts broke in and ready to go. Also comes with your choice of color. (the blower housing that is) and your choice of small pipe or big pipe (extra $25 for big pipe). Rebuilds/Tune-Ups/Refreshes for box-stock motors are usually no more / up to $350 at the most, depending on what all needs to be done and worked on / gone through. Other style motors vary on price! Call or Text me anytime for any help needed! If you are needing to get hooked up you wont find better support or help when needed! If you are needing tires prepared for a upcoming event we can make it happen! Send them to me or purchase some new tires and I can hook you up and get you in the winners circle! For tire preparation it is $30 a set ( four tires in a set ) or $20 if you are on a Jake Scott Racing Engine! That includes Tire Prepping and Staggering! I have used tires and tire sets for sale quite frequently. I also will help you out with any chassis info or any help needed. The family has been in car and kart racing for over 30+ years and has a lot of good information and knowledge under our belts! Thanks for picking JSR!
All PM's have been replied to! I want to thank every one for your business its been picking up a lot here laity, Been going through a good bit of motors, Want to say congrats to Kyle Padgett on a JSRE clone , on his wins over the past few weekends at Screven motor speedway in Screven, GA ! If anyone is needing help, or more info don't hesitate to give us a call! Thanks -Jake 912-675-2141
All PM's replied too! Keep in mind we have been advertising on facebook about our new deal we are offering , The 2014 AKRA rules ( for clones ) have been released, There will be a better rod you can run in your motor and it only cost $2 more then the stock rods that are being ran now. Along with a few other minor changes. That being said starting December 7th lasting until December 21st if Anyone is needing a rebuild / refresh to get your Engine performing at it's best for ( 2014 AKRA RULES ) For your FIRST rebuild All you will need to pay is cost for parts that are needed to freshen your Engine and shipping costs if your motor has been shipped in. And there will be a $15 labor fee. THATS IT! That's all you pay! After your first rebuild prices go back to standard rebuild costs. To purchase a new 2014 clone AKRA Engine you will get a $50 discount from December 7th - December 21st for any Tire/Chassis help or more information needed contact JSR at 912-675-2141 and we'll get you hooked up!