Just unloaded from Carnsville.......

D. Richer

We had a great weekend, one of the best we have had of any year until we unloaded the karts. We noticed that SOMEBODY has stolen one of out MyChron4 tach off of our kart.

This is the first time anything like that has happened to us, the only time the kart were alone is when we were down at the track. Its a damn shame that this stupid POS had to steal our stuff, and ruin our weekend, but you know what, Its okay, You will get yours when the time comes. I dont know who it was, but just know, it will catch up to you.

If anyone has any information, please contact me. If you see a MyChron 4 for sale, ours has some markings on it, also please contact me.

Thank You,
Do this mean we even have to watch our tacs now? This is a shame. Hope you can find out who took it, Dave. I have been stolen crankers and stands, but Mychrons is the last thing.
well, I had actually forgotten, but for a time I was looking for one of my clutches till I realized it had to have been stolen at some race since I always used to keep it around for quick change. I bought it used but had only used it once. Same as one stand I got stolen on its second race.
Man I'm sorry to hear about your tack getting stolen. We ended up with somebodies air pressure gauge on our stand after one of the afternoon races Friday. It may have been a longacre or a intercomp, I can't remember except it was blue. 0-15 lbs. I turned it in to the scale worker. Hope somebody found it if it was theirs.
Shoot me a pm with what markings are on it, I buy a lot off a bunch of different facebook sites, ill keep an eye out for it.
as a retired cop, there are two things that i cannot stand.....one is anyone that abuses anyone, specially kids....and the other is a "&*$%&^_" theif......can't afford to race? then stay the ----- home!! don't come around and steal. if i have a spare part and it means you racing or sitting on the sidelines, ASK!!! that's all.....a simple "can you help me?"......but to those that think that what i have is yours for the taking....i don't play fair. i catch you with your hands in my cookie jar without asking and momma's going to be opening your ketchup bottles for the rest of your miserable life.

like brs11 says, i'm on the net a lot during the day....if you tell me what markings are on your tach (i won't reveal them to anyone else), i'll keep a watch......

mike c.
jm racing
bonaire, ga
Same thing here. I am actually just buying some extra Mychrons from different people and if you told me how yours is like I might come trough it, never know. What color was it? you can pm me details if you want to.
How is it that it got stolen? Do you have a time frame as to when it was stolen? Was the kart in the trailer when it got stolen? Was the area where the tach was stolen unattended? If you could maybe give a description to some of these questions, ( where was the trailer parked and beside who or what ) maybe someone actually saw something and could shed some light on the subject. If I had something like that stolen, I would be giving as much information on the day as I could so someone could see it. JMO