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Anyone happen to know what the clearance should be between the intake cover and case where the valve is. I have a dual carb intake that was made for my dad but seems there is to much play and the valve moves around a lot.

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Frankie the clearance should be .012 to .017. The oil needs a place to get into. P.S. I am looking for a muff or the aluminum part of a cylinder for a k35 or k30 with good fins on it. Thanks Strahl

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you guys ever experiment with carbon fiber or reed material to make the rotary valve it's self. Making some 250 rotary valve engines and I'd rather not run the stainless or steal valves.
I talked to some guys about it. They said only problem is the carbon fiber trashes the bearings and piston if it breaks. I guess on the plus side is the cases don't get trashed.

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I'm thinking the carbon fiber would just spit out the exhaust, I know what happens when the steal valves fail and it aint pretty.
Just curious, why carbon fiber? My reason for asking is that in ALL the years of running rotary valve engines, I have never had an issue with the steel rotary valve as the cause of damage to any engine. Now, I HAVE had damaged rotary valves but usually caused by parts spit back out the intake of a blown engine. I guess I'm too much of an "If it works, don't fix it" kinda guy.

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I ran the k30 for years and Idid have a couple issues with one eating the steal rotor. It took out chunks of the case it found pieces imbedded in the head. I think your correct it was the piston that took out the valve. A fiber valve carbon or reed material would in my opinion just get spit out like a broken reed. I'm anxious to drive a 250 rotary valve. I like the nastalga and combining with the 250 . just looking for input and ideas.

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I'm thinking the carbon fiber would just spit out the exhaust, I know what happens when the steal valves fail and it aint pretty.
"Steal" taking something without approval of the owner.
"Steel" a hard metal, which in your reference, was made into ball bearings.

Across the street from me, a large tree, home for many song birds, constantly is attacked by crows which attempt to STEAL the songbird eggs.
From a professional type slingshot, I fire 3/8" STEEL ball bearings at them.....and have pretty much stopped them from visiting that tree.
This also has the added benefit, of keeping our vehicles from being targets for the crows, as they fly overhead, in the clusters of 40 or 50 that they USED to fly around in.

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Isn't it fun when the spell police come out? And the lesson plan to boot.

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