Kansas City looks pretty good

Have not followed any NFL quit watching over there handling of the players taking a knee, not much on tonight stopped on game against the colts there looking pretty darn good, QB is Impressive for sure Looks like Andy has them hitting on all cylinders.
I sure hope colt's have been better then they showed today.
If they stay hot Patriots will have there hands full from what I seen, I saw during the game that during reg season game Patriots won 43 to 40 so they know they can hang.


Dew Dawg
It should be a good game. Don't really watch much football anymore anyways, but mostly watch some playoff games..Used to be a football junkie back in the Giants glory days...
Haven't been a junkie since Joe Montana then Steve Young days with the 49er's, since then only watch a few playoff games an the big game more of a player fan now then any team.


Yes....we in Mo are excited with the KC Chiefs this season! From the very first game this year it's was like, Wow....this offense is for REAL, and now the defense has stepped up........very STOUT looking team!
Were giving Patriots a FREE pass chargers might have something to say about that they have always been a Hot or cold team we'll see which team shows up today.