Kart Klassic at Baps Motor Speedway. This is your chance to run a Big Track


hi everyone this is Glenn renfro with kart klassic this will be our 20th year but is moved to a new track baps motor speedway because Trailways closed down the date is October the 8th we have quite a large group of classes and a big money events you need to call 443-375-0397 or you can go online to baps motor speedway.com parking is available give me a call and I'll give you prices and locations hope to see you soon. One of our Major sponsors MAXXIS


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I am having trouble finding the rules. Predator 375. And you are running the big track not the out back track? Thanks
It's on the big track , the rules are pretty much the same as what you see in the area here 1 exception being I'm pretty sure there MAX RPM on stand is 5200 rpm instead of 5500 rpm, I'll contact Glenn to confirm and post back .