Kart Lifts new electric double stacker


So I’ve decided to get an electric kart stand, but I was also in the market for some sort of double stacker. Then I came across this on the Kart Lift website in their “estore” as I guess its brand new to the market.

Seemed like the best of both worlds. I called Comet but they didn’t stock them, so they reached out Kart Lift and they had them drop ship one to me. I needed something for the additonal kart I got for my daughter since we are now racing together as a father-daughter team.

Fast forward to today, and it arrived. Pretty happy with it. Built well, most of it came pre assembled (minus the wheels and hooks).

Shipping was free and extremely fast. And it shipped free. Paid about $90 more for it that the regular Streeter. Which I thought was really good for a double stacker.


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