Kart Mechanic looking for work....


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Looking for Karting team that needs a Good Mechanic / Crew Chief. I'm located in Central Indiana, I've been racing and working on Karts for over 20 years. I have a lot of my own tools and can travel over night or longer as needed. I've turned wrenches on Flatheads, Clones and some 2 cycles. I have a lot of setup info to get you to the front.

References upon request.

Feel free to pm me for more info.

Maybe he doesn't want to work for free. How about you....do you work for free?

I have seen Earl give plenty of advise for free, I have seen many guys give advice for free.
I myself answer about 6 pm's and many text's and phone calls for free, giving advice for free shouldnt be a problem, now showing up at the track an working all night I can understand.

The man could of asked the setup question just to see how much knowledge the op has, before he offers him a spot.
I have help LOTS of racers for free for many years. All I can say is if you want a GOOD mechanic then give me a shot.

If not then have a good day.
This is not advise only, i will be in the trenches wrenching, prepping and tuning. I also offer set up service.
If you have to get on here and ask for work , you aren't as good as you think. Client base is built upon reputation and word of mouth.
Do you guide people throughout the raceday or do you tell them its your way or you go home? Even if they are paying you?