KART Nationals/Gateway

In case you haven't heard, KART will be hosting their 2019 ROAD RACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at GATEWAY in St Louis October 4-6. This event was originally scheduled to be at a track in Texas but due to the owners cancelling ALL events at their track for 2019 due to track isn't ready, KART had to move their location and Gateway was available for this date. This event will be ran on the original road course as the new course isn't being scheduled at this time.

We want to invite all road racers to this event. I'm currently working on the schedule and should be posted on the KART web (www.kart.org) soon. There will be a weekend membership available for this event. Friday will be a paid practice day with 1 race at the end of the day (4:30) and most likely will be a SPRINT LO206 CIK class. Outside of the classes KART has, we will be including a laydown Yamaha pipe class and possibly a laydown controlled class for both Saturday and Sunday. Any questions, contact me at 316-807-3577.

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I haven't been to this track but looking at the track layout and some youtube it sure looks more like a sprint track than a road race. Change my mind?


I haven't been to this track but looking at the track layout and some youtube it sure looks more like a sprint track than a road race. Change my mind?
There are two "tracks." The Roval and the infield road course for karts.


It is for a sure a Road Racing enduro sized track. You must have been looking at the Gateway Kart Plex sprint track that Margay uses.

I'm planning on being there. Going to run CIK 206 and Yamaha laydown pipe.

Kelly, will the Friday race that might be the CIK 206 be included in the paid practice price or seperate? Is it a payout special type race or just an extra race since the 206 class is one of KART's bigger classes?



Kelly, What are the class rules for the CIK 206 class? Is there a minimum rear width? What size tires need to be used? What is the weight? Couldn't find the specifics on the kart webpage.
The Friday SPRINT LO206 class is a local option class we added. It will run for the TRIAD. It is a separate fee then the paid practice BUT, if someone enters this class for Friday, they can practice starting at 1:00 with no extra fee. As for weight, 375#, any size tires, 55" maximum width. As for the KART rules if you are looking for them, go to the KART web site (www.kart.org). At the top, click on rules and regulations, then just down load them. Go to page 19 for the road race rules. As for tech information, scroll down to the tech section for the LO206 rules. Outside that KART allows any size tires, all other rules are the same as WKA and CES.

Need more info, contact me at 316-807-3577

Before you ask!! LOL. Lindsay had a 21/57 on back in May and was fast on Friday.

I am currently gathering class sponsors. If someone is interested, contact myself at the above number. $200 per class, $300 with a garage. If you just want a garage, $125.00. I am holding off giving to those who just want a garage until I get my sponsors taken care of. If you just want a garage, contact me and I will put you on the list.
There is VP C12 and 91 NON-ETHANOL fuel available at the track.
Maysha says that she will have event information posted on the KART web site (www.kart.org) by the end of this weekend (9/15).
Entry forms and event information is now on the KART web site (www.kart.org). Go to home page and at the top click on SCHEDULES, then ROAD RACE, scroll down to Gateway. FYI, there are 2 entry forms!! 1 is for the CADETS!!


Kelly, is there a price difference when paying at the track? If so what is it? Also why is there no weekend KART membership option?


Ok, got it. The entry from say's no weekend membership. That is why I asked.

What is the weight for the laydown Yamaha pipe? 400lbs
For those coming this weekend, safe travels and we will see you in a few days. THE MAN will be pulling out at 08:00 in the morning