Kart Shipping Reasonably

Kit Henry

Trying to ship a kart from Florida to Ohio, Having difficulty getting a reasonable qoute
If we go through Fastenal site they say they won't do a go kart
Another option is Greyhound

Other suggestions

Kit henry
Henry Motorsports Inc.


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I shipped a kart from Savanna Ga to Ct and it was very smooth, cost was $271.00 dollars Ppl on Uship wanted on average 500-600 dollars. I wouldn't use anyone else but Fastenal..


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Just sent one using Uship via YRC, $175. The ups option on there was $185 to the same location, same as the ups quote through my ups account. Really just depends on the route, the options needed at pick up and delivery, and the location.


This was about 15 yrs ago but I sent a flat kart from florida to washington state on a greyhound for $79, took 6 days to get there,