Karting Technology Conference Call - KTCC

steve baker

If there are any engine builders that wanted to participate in a conference call sometime in the near future let me know. I am planning to have this meeting to discuss the Animal and the Animal Pro Gas engine as outlined below.

1) Creation of the Animal Pro Gas engine
2) WKA Spec #705 summary
3) Additional tech tools needed
4) Technical aspects of the engine
5) Building the engine
6) Post season summary results of Pro Gas engine in the 2013 gold cup series
7) 2014 race venue plans for Animal Pro Gas engine

Note - Ultimately I would like to see the Briggs Animal engine builders work into an annual Briggs engine building Symposium. Basically an engine technology sharing meeting. Maybe this meeting could be during the same time as the PRI show in Indianapolis Indiana.


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Thanks Dave, Trying to get the ball rolling here and make sure everyone knows the fire breathing Animal is back and ready to race!
Might take you up on the live streaming, there is soooooooooo much we could do to help everyone, it makes my head spin out of control with ideas. LOL

We are starting to get a lot of interest in this call. A few more and we can take a look a few dates that will work for everyone.


After reading thru more e mails it looks like a lot of interest in developing an annual Briggs engine building Symposium would be very well received. Basically an engine technology sharing meeting during the same time as the PRI show in Indianapolis Indiana.

A few items of interest:

Special tools used in engine building
Various dyno equipment and test measurements
Methods of milling and honing of cylinders
Cylinder finish as it relates to friction and wear
Internal engine clearances as it relates to wear and durability
Camshaft profile tools and methods
Valve train discussion and measurement methods
Carb and intake system airflow measurement technology
Air fuel ratio requirements and measurement methods
Lubrication aspects as it relates to friction / wear and performance
Tech tools and measurement methods
Engine building time study - Cost vs time vs quality / performance
Shop floor design and tools / equipment layout

Comments are welcome!

Additional agenda items Steve

Just a couple thoughts.
Ring preparation for maximum seal and reduced friction
Valve sealing techniques including guide clearances torque plates for head and blocks

And I think one of the most interesting and important topics could be the fine line between cheating and rule interpretation. Discussions around what is acceptable practices and not.

I cant make the PRI this year but I have attended several times in Denver and in Florida when the PRI was there. Since this is a topic of engine builders I suggest anyone going to the PRI attend the AETC conference that goes along with it. I have to say I have gained at least half of my engine building trade secrets as some would call them from this 3 day annual conference. It is $500 but well worth it as you sit and mingle with some of the brightest minds in the world of racing. I personally made friends with some of the legends of racing via this conference as well as networked with many manufacturers that ended up with key purchases for my business and the college I teach at.
There are 19 key speakers this year everyone from Dan Jesel -- Jesel valvetrain components to the usual players like Harold Bettes of Superflow Dynos. The attendees end up being regular guys like us to engineers at F1 teams to Nascar builders to you name it. I met the guy who built and designed the pneumatic valve return system for F1 one year. What a lunch that was!!


Thanks for your insights! Back in my race car engine building days I make frequent calls to Harold Bettes, sharp guy!

Guys i am down under in Australia and would like nothing more than to be involved in this, is there someway i could get involved without having to travel to the other side of the world ? live feed ? film it ? conference call ? would be great to keep up with and increase our knowledge
I'd love to join in on a webcast of some description if that is what you are talking about here? A live show? I can help with setup too if needed, lots of experience doing same in healthcare.
We'll be at PRI -- Sarah (or DavetheFact) could set up a conference room easily I would think. We did something similar to this several years ago at PRI. It's too late to get something in print in the show issue, etc, but I'm sure we could get it announced (the day of) if you guys want.
I'd be glad to get involved in this program and contribute in any small way I can.

A live feed or skype would be really helpful to those who cannot attend the show.

Thanks and God bless,
Brian Carlson
Carlson Racing Engines
Vector Cuts
For now just to kick this off I was just thinking of a conference call. These are easy to set up and are free. Once we have a date established i will give everyone the conf call in number and access code.

I know very little about this webcast and live streaming other than it exist.

We are getting a good size group so I am looking at next week for this conference call. If there are more engine builders interested in this call contact me. We will need your e mail address and phone number if you want to participate.

We are getting a good size group so I am looking at this coming week, maybe Tuesday evening,for this conference call. If there are more engine builders and or Briggs Motorsports Dealers interested in this call contact me. We will need your e mail address and phone number if you want to participate.

Conference call is set for tonight at 8:00 PM eastern time. If there are any other engine builders / Briggs Motorsports dealers that want to participate in this Briggs Animal technical conference call please contact me.

419-217-3881 cell
E mail = Bakerracingeng@aol.com
Thanks for hosting Steve that was very informative. Although the pro gas motor does not pertain to me personally it was was nice meeting all of you and thanks for the invite. I think that it is as close to a sealed engine as an engine builders engine can be. Looks like a nice easy--- for any builder to be successful type engine. Good luck with it and I hope it grows cross country. Wouldn't mind building one or two as it looks like a fun package.
I would love for a another conference call with all of you on perhaps engine building practices and the likes that go along with building kart engines.


Very appreciative of all your efforts, Steve. Great foresight in putting this conference call together.
Open discussions of this nature have been lacking for too long and this is much needed at a critical juncture in our sport.
Pleasure meeting several newfolks last night as well (even if just by voice.)
Looking forward to future discussions!

Brian Carlson