Kawasaki 650 two smoke twin build

Big Chris

Building a mildly modified Kawasaki 650 two smoke for the kiddo's standup jet ski as a little side project. And decided to play around with Cerakote. Cerakote is really prep work intensive, but the results speak for themselves.

Here is the complete engine mock up. There are no internals (e.g. crank, pistons, flywheel, etc).

Cerakote colors: Head & intake mainfold-burnt bronze (c-148). Exhaust-sniper gray (c-239). Crankcase, front cover and cylinder: Glacier Silver (c-7700).

Stock these things are supposed to make 53hp @ 6000 rpm. Bummer is my dyno is only good to about 30 hp. Otherwise I'd really like to test and tune this thing.....

I'll document the rest of the build here.

Here's a video of Jr in action:




Nice work - that's one good looking engine.

You also showed me how out of touch I've become with bike engines; the only corn popper Kawasakis I remember were the outrageously powerful (in their day) 3 cylinder engines. :)

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
^^ There's a RD250 (twin) vs. the RD350 triple for sale down here....cheap enough to be tempting... And that engine needs to be tried on a RWYB. :) Cerakote looks good...nice job!