Keystone State Series Race #2 Results


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Money Classes
- Paying further back and a MUCH lower entry fee (than most other series' around)

TWO classes for each Junior Class to race

First of 6 races - June 6th - Red Rock Raceway

All the info you need to know is here:

Stay up to date on what's going on here:

Ron Pritt

Sponsorship Opportunities available (with prime parking included with them!)

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FIRST RACE ---> This Weekend
Where: Red Rock Raceway
When: Saturday Gates Open @ 6:30 am Registration: 7-9 am Drivers Meeting 9:30 Practice to follow

Save time on Race Day...
Pre-Register CLICK HERE:

NOTE: You do not have to PAY at time of Pre-Registration (It just helps us get everyone entered into the scoring system ahead of time if you do)
Posting to clear up the word on the street that the race track at Red Rock is rough and is not in condition to race, this rumor is not true I've spoken to Chuck personally last week at that point he had already spent 30 hrs on the track and will continue to spend more time, Chuck takes a lot of pride in preparing a great racing surface track will be good to go.


Pre-Registration is open until Thursday evening (11:30 PM) Click this link to fill do so:

Again, you do NOT have to pay at time of Pre-Registration. We are asking that you do this to help us enter everyone into their respective classes before RaceDay to help us run an efficient show. Based on the numbers of paid entries already, this event is going to be GREAT! So save yourself some time on RaceDay and complete the form now.

Parents of ALL minors: Please print off the Parental Consent Form, complete BOTH sides and bring with you. This needs to be done for each driver under the age of 18, regardless of the class the are racing in. Please also bring a HARD copy of each child's Birth Certificate so that we can keep it on file (you may black on their SSN)
Form is located on the bottom on the home page:


This is your last day to Pre-Register for Race #1, which is this Saturday June 6th at Red Rock Raceway. We are asking that everyone that plans on attending this event, do so to expedite things on Race Day. You have two options when you Pre-Register:
Option 1. Pre-Register AND Pay at that time - This means you are all done! There is no need to stand in line at the Registration Trailer on Saturday!
Option 2. Pre-Register/ Pay at the track - You will need to check in at the Registration Trailer in the line marked "Pre-Registered" and pay for your entries at that time.

Click the Link below to Pre-Register now:

Parents of ALL minor drivers MUST download and complete a Parental Consent Form (minus the Witness part) for EACH minor driver, regardless of what class they compete in. (This only needs to be done once a year) The form is attached to this post
For any child competing in a Jr. class, the parent must also present (for us to keep) a hard copy of that child's Birth Certificate (with their SNN blacked out).

GATES OPEN: 6:30 am
PRACTICE: to follow



Pre-Registration is now Closed. Thank you to all of those that did Pre-Enter, which ended up being 236!

1. If Ron gave you your spot number already - that may have changed, as we had to re-arranged things once we got up here. PLEASE CHECK WITH SOMEONE BEFORE PULLING INTO A PARKING SPOT (If you arrive tonight)

2. Drivers of Tow Vehicles - STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE until we get you parked in your pit spot. Everyone else must get out of the vehicle at the pit pass table (yes, someone may get the driver's pit pass for them)

3. Gates Open 6:30 am

4. Registration 7:00 am - 9:00 am

5. RaceCeivers MANDATORY ($110 available at the track/ Earbuds $5 extra)

See you at Red Rock!


When: June 27th
Where: Hunterstown Speedway

Link to Pre-Registration:

We will have a Predator "Cobra Tire" Money Class at the next Keystone State Series Race as a local option.
The Harbor Freight Predator Engine must be as they come out of the box.
You will be allowed to disconnect the oil sensor wire and drill one 3/16 hole in the gas cap.
Must use Sheets 87 Octane gas.
Class weight will be 375 Lbs.
Maximum RPM's will be 5,500.
All karts must be on Cobra Tires.
Cost of entry is $55.00.
$500 to win
$250 for second
a set of Cobra Tires for third
2 right side Cobra Tires for fourth
Payout based on 12 pre-entered and prepaid entries.
(If 12 PRE-PAID pre-entries are not received when registration closes on 6/25, all entry fees will be returned and the class will NOT be run)
Contact Jim Wainwright with questions at 443-547-2026.
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RACE #2 - THIS SATURDAY @ Hunterstown Speedway
Race #2 Class Order: See Attached

Save yourself time waiting in line on RaceDay ----> Pre-Register AND Pay before Thursday @ 11:30 pm and you do not need to stand in line! Click the link below to do so:

You may also Pre-Register, but pay on RaceDay. (Use the same link above.) When you arrive at the track, please go to the Registration window to pay.

Parents on Minors: (whether racing adult classes or junior classes) You MUST complete and submit a Parental Consent Form for each minor child (once per year - so if you did this at Race 1, you do not need to do it again.) Form is attached.

Parents of Junior Drivers: You must submit a hard copy of your child's Birth Certificate (w/ SSN blacked out) for us to keep on file. (If you already did this at Race 1, you are good to go for the year)

Reserved Parking is available. Contact Ron Pritt

Any other questions, please call Ron Pritt (717)465-0055

See you Saturday!