Knocking the dust off


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I am 23 years old from central Illinois. I am looking to get back into Karting. I have nothing and will be starting from scratch.

I am interested in running a clone, but I have no idea where to start. I don’t know what class or series I would be running. Nor do I have any idea what chassis I should be running.

Any pointers on clones and chassis, as well as a link to clone rules/classes would be great!
Clone rules and classes, check with the tracks you will be racing at. Theres 2 major rule makers, NKA and AKRA, which one your tracks may go by you will have to find out.
As far as clone, any top builder, and many smaller builders, can and will help. Get in contact with a few, pick who feels most comfy to you. Chassis, theres many of the top manufacturers winning every weekend across the country.