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Hi guys, my local track does not have a Predator class, but does have an L206 class. We are beginners, and are reluctant to go straight to clones. Any pros, cons of this class?


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A little more cost then a predator up front .
Well worth it though , no worries about good or bad engines .
A reliable engine .
Great class with a proven engine platform.
Price, reliability, equality, solid power, consistent rules package coast to coast; it's tough to beat - especially when it comes time for a rebuild.
I think you'll be very pleased with the Briggs L206 package.
Give us a call if we can answer any specific questions about the engine or the class.

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My daughter started this year in a lo206 class. The motor is one less thing to worry about during the night. There is enough to learn with tires and changing track conditions.
I have never ran a Lo206 because we don't have that class at my local track but we have predators so I run predator. As a predator racer unless the predator rules are super strict and there is a great tech program at your track avoid predator if you can since you have the briggs lo206 class. Everyone that has an animal will tell you they are reliable and in the long run they are way cheaper than a clone or a predator because a clone has to be freshened X amount of races and the predator will eventually just give up but there was a guy on here that posted a picture and after 9 seasons it chucked a rod. I will tell you for sure you won't get 9 seasons out of any other kart motor.Briggs lo206 Best motor for the money IMO because they are reliable require little maintenance and last a long time and they are a sealed motor so you don't have to worry about many people cheating.