Lack of hemis


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I have been checking 3 local HF here in mid TN area for 3 weeks now and they have not gotten Hemi or Non Hemi in stock. I tried to order the Hemi online from their website and got back an email from HF that states the following. So looks like their factories are having issues keeping up with the demand for any engines.

Delayed Ship Date order #109xxxxxx

An item(s) from your order is currently out of stock and its delivery date has been delayed.​
We are unable to provide an estimated ship date at this time because we do not have a ship date from the factory. Your action is required within 21 days to proceed with this order.​
If you still want the item(s) and are willing to wait indefinitely, please call Customer service at 1-800-444-3353. If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by 07/10/2020, the item(s) will be cancelled and removed from your order. You may also use this toll free number if you wish to cancel this order. When calling Customer Service, please reference your Order Number: 109xxxxxx​


I was in the harbor freight in Broken Arrow and they only had one 212. I bought it ,a non hemi. They said the trucks are not running and they can't get any thing


I have spoken with two companies that have told me the hemi is being phased out. Only the non hemi will be available.


I was told the hemis are not being phased out and there just trying to get them passed through the port and passed through the corona virus crap. I just got a few from my harbor freight in kansas city only had 4 motors on the truck. I wasn't ghe only one waiting for one...


local track owner got ahold of the distributor of predator engines, said they have a warehouse full but there not allowed to ship right now but the market should be flooded in a few weeks
I can confirm that the motors aren’t being phased out. Most power equipment we’re getting in stock still has hemi motors on them. Give it a few weeks until the SE distribution center in South Carolina opens back up. If you live anywhere East of the Mississippi, your store is being solely supplied by the two warehouses in California and they’re only sending what’s absolutely needed. A 212 isn’t at that top of the list and corporate has told us that over and over again. Wait it out and quit spreading rumors.


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My online order that I place in my post above came in this week. When I ordered it online it would not let me order a hemi saying it was not available in my state. Then when FedEx showed up and the lady handed me a hemi box I was shocked. Open it up and sure enough it was truly a hemi with a 2020 date code. Needless to say I was thrilled.


There were at least 4 at the cranberry (oil city) PA store last week. I almost grabbed one but passed.
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FYI, I ordered 3 through the web site Tuesday afternoon with a $99.99 coupon. They shipped out of South Carolina on Wednesday & 3 Hemis arrived on my Pennsylvania doorstep this morning.


The one that says sku# 69730, 60363.
I didn't get to choose which sku number I wanted.
They sent 3 hemis. I really didn't care what I got.
I don't understand what " I’ll kick for you and shipping" means but shipping for all 3 was $6.99.