Lambda Sensor and values

I just purchased a lambda sensor that AIM sell to attach to the mychron. I don't have a dyno to check what lambda value will make the most power for the animal LO206 engine in sprint racing. If anyone has done any testing and knows the ideal lambda value that works the best please let me know or PM me.


steve baker

The Lambda that makes your Kart go the fastest! Lower Lambda (richer) for coming off corners and a higher Lambda (leaner) for top end speed. We have been using the O2 sensor on our Dyno for many years, in general if this helps an average Lambda of .83 should get you close for pump gas.



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Just A heads up, in 206 rules you are not allowed to drill A hole in your header. Animal you are fine to my knowledge.


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Most are simply clamping it onto the end of the muffler, or using a separate muffler with the sensor installed near the end of it (easy to change out after practice.)