Leaf blower power!!!!!

that car was banned in all of le mans racing the year after it debuted. it was called a "fan car." the twin 17in. fans created and enormous amount of negative air pressure under the car at slower speeds allowing the chapparrell 2j race care to take turns at a much higher speed than any of the other le mans cars of the times. enzo ferrari was one of the main contributors in helping get it banned from le mans racing and soon all fan cars were banned from any professional motorsports serious.

I worked with a team designing fans for our racecars. 4 years ago I won two major events with them before anybody ever saw them. The Pepsi 100 and the Buddy's Home Furnishing 150 back to back. We won $19k and were featured on the cover of Late Model Digest.

I run 4 fans in my super late model now. One on each wheel. We tell people that they cool the brakes when they see them but the biggest reason I run them is that they evacuate air from under the car and give my car much better down force. The guy finally put in for his patten and last year they came out on the market. They have been legal so far.

Check them out...

I never saw it. Something you have to consider with a fan of any type is the willingness of air to cavitate within it. Once you have cavitation, you have a severe reduction in positive flow. That means you're not making boost. At that point, you could actually be starving the engine for air.

The biggest problem is pressurizing the carb venturi without pressurizing the vent. If you do that, you will have no fuel getting into the engine.
Hot Rod mag has an article on a Corvette they just did a dual leaf blower setup that I just read a few days ago... Made a peak of 100 more HP with .5 boost IIRC, more tq across the range.
Yeah Ted the main editor for Hotrod and his friend do the youtube show roadkill. They did that corvette and then they made the Chevy monza with 5 leaf blowers.
How many years ago did Bergfelt do that to a sudam? He said it made a noticeable difference.

Mike, I remember Mark running pretty good with the leaf blower. I do know that when the leaf blower failed or stopped working it slowed his kart down appreciably. I think Marks biggest problem was with his tires. I don't ever mess with prep. I leave that up to the experts, my Sons. I do remember them talking to Mark about how and when to use Randys' Track Tac. Also, I don't think Mark was really putting his all into keeping his kart in top condition. I think he was having fun just getting out on the track. I know he is working on a new chassis and engine this year soooooo....