left side wing on a coke syrup kart

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Been thinking alot about adding a left side wing (front to back) on my kart at the next coke syrup event.. I run the RWYB class... was guessing bout 2 feet tall and have it start at the front wheel extending to in front of the rear bumper.... alum strapping to hold it all in place and using clear plastic,,,, idea's,,, thumbs up or down,,, thanks for the input...
could be bad for you if you were to be involved in an on track incident.
Not sure you would have enough speed to be effective , at keeping the left side down. Just a guess but I think you'd neeed about 200lbs of force.
Wedge body is not going to do anything at those speeds. I think they work good on tracks 1/5 mile and bigger. I run one on my UAS kart. I have taken it off on an 1/8 mile track and the only difference I noticed was I was a touch faster. On that small of a track that just adds more weight. Be better off moving your seat to get more left weight.

we aren't running a wedge body,, we have a chavouz (spelling) body and we have done this on our IMCA modified and it worked quite well... thinking just the same principal on a kart body,,, bout 2ft above the body and front of wheel to the rear... braced in aluminum,,, we have the kart dialed in for weight percentages... just looking for that little extra... maybe a sneaky pete nitrous system,,,, LOL....