Legend kart front spindles?


I am working on my sons kart this weekend. The front spindles are slightly bent so it is hard to get the hubs on and off. I took it apart expecting to have the same shouldered washers my daughters Legend kart has, instead a stack of washers on top and bottom. Of course they all fell out so I don’t know how many we had on top and how many on bottom. Does anyone have any information on the front end of this kart? Do I start with an even number on top and bottom like I did with our old Ultramax karts? He only races it a couple of times a year so this is my first time taking it apart. I added photos for identification.


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Basically yes . I would expect less on the bottom right and more on the bottom left when your all scaled up .

alvin l nunley

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Flattop's right, but you also want your corner weights right, to adjust your percentages (front, left, cross) that's the intended purpose of the washers, to adjust the weight on each front wheel. I'm getting the idea you never scaled the kart? You can get by with bathroom scales, or pay someone with a dedicated scale system.


We got this kart at the end of last season for my son to ride in a few races after the regular season. He had moved up to 600 sprints, so he doesn’t race it often. I drove it in a few races this season for fun. When we got it we scaled it, the weights were right where we needed them, we have only made a few adjustments to the weight jack. This is the first I have had time to take the spindles off. Our other Legend kart has a shouldered washer and some flats. I was more curious if this one had been changed or if this is how this model is designed.