Let's hear your tech stories. How it's done at the track.


Been to a few races..what kind of tech is really being done at the track where you race?

Easy carb check? consisting of main jet, emulsion tube, venturi no-go?

Valve spring check? using dead weight tool...850 and .650? wire diameter?

Installed height? .815?

Cam shaft lift? at the pushrod? at the retainer?

Cam duration profile using degree wheel?

CC combustion chamber? using CORRECT method with LAD tool plumb? backed out 2 turns? Marvel Mystery oil?

Bore size?

Stroke length?

Weight of valves?

How many times someone at your track been "boxed"??

And do you "trust" your tech man to do it correctly??
CC Rule is kinda confusing 2012 rule book page 20 #1b it says to bottom out the cc plug and back it out 2 turns...PLUMB the centerline of the sparkplug hole..add MM oil THEN torque cc plug to 90 in/lb and then turn piston past TDC to verify CC's That is on 4 cycle general procedures page. Not sure if those procedures have been changes since 2012
I don't have a copy of that rule book did anybody else find that, and why was it never questioned before? It is a grossly incorrect way of checking the volume, too much opportunity for error. Was this in the AKRA book?