Let's see those 2020 kart wraps ;)

We get our kart next week. ;) We are using Hub's Print Shop. Placing our order this weekend(y) We will post pictures in a couple weeks. Good luck to all this year.


So that's how Kyle has been adding left side weight.

Our new bodies got dropped off at the graphics place on Monday. Left most of it up to the designer as he is the paid professional.
I stopped wrapping bodies a few years ago, we did have some sweet ones over the years.
The argument around here now is swoop or high side, I’m like pick one or your running the same junk from the last 2 years.


Tyler that looks good man... that white body is gonna take Vega donuts like a champ tho.. lol
Haha I know, and the fiberglass will probably crack in 10 places. It came with graphic savers. I will put them on but I don't know how much they protect. Gonna hose it down with sc1 before it's sees dirt also. I can always make more decals if I care that much.
We placed our order through Hub Print Shop. Paid via Paypal last Sunday. Sill haven't got any artwork or any communication. Is this normal for wrap process? Kinda wish we went to another wrap company. IDK. What is your experiences? Just curious.