Let's see your race trailers . . .


Just bought my first one, looking for ideas as I begin building one out. All I've done sor far is rubberized the undercarriage to prevent rust, and painted the interior walls and floor just to seal the wood.

My 2021 Arising 7x14, it a blank slate . . .



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Trailer is 29'. Most trips we're towing with the motorhome w/Ford V10, otherwise with a 2018 F150 w/ 3.5 Ecoboost.


No pic of mine. Its beat! Tiles have all peeled off the floor, one hinge pin on rear gate broke off (crudely fixed), aluminum is oxidizing bad around the bottom, roof leaks, most of the lights don't work. It gets me there and back though.
The trailer doesn't win you races.
I hear you on that! I've learned two things since picking up this sport:

1. Some people in this sport have some serious expendable income. (or are not adverse to picking up some serious debt)
2. I am not one of them.

Which should be evident if you notice my 20 year old tow vehicle. Its old, but it runs, and its been paied off for over 15 years. :D
A good riding and driving trailer will get your kart to the races and will keep the kart safe on the way to the races so you don’t want a trailer that will fall apart but you don’t need the most expensive trailer you can find or the most expensive tow rig but sometimes that is what you need. I am only 15 so I don’t own our karting trailer but I am very fortunate my dad works his tail off so we can have nice things. They don’t race trailers but sometimes the best trailer fits your needs more than a beat up trailer will. Any trailer works but I am just saying. You also don’t want to just treat your trailer like crap since it won’t win races for you. The trailer doesn’t win the race but it gets your kart there to do the rest.

Jeff Wesell

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Jeeez, the OP just wanted to see pics of others trailers for some ideas on getting his setup and this turns into sour puss thread. Come on guys!

I shared our trailer, paid for in full btw, as it tends to have a good assortment of ideas and product in it. As a manufacturer of Trailer Accessories, it tends to be a no brainer for us to out fit our trailer with what suits us best. Our rig is on the road for the most part every single weekend year round, so I want the best of amenities in it for our comfort. A old tattered trailer won't cut it for me. There's enough problems to deal with on our now four year old rig. Having a nice setup, especially in the industry we are in makes sense, makes the wife happy, keeps the crew happy and our organized trailer makes it easier to setup for travel, showing off our USA Made Products and of course work on our race winning equipment that rolls out of that trailer. (y)

Roll with The Best!
I absolutely love trailer setup pics! From the most expensive to the least. All trailers rock and I appreciate all you guys. I first started back into this around May of this year. I picked up a new 6X12 for my son's kart. I really wanted to make use of every single inch of it. A lot of pics I saw were of larger trailers. Where we race at, I think I am the only single axle trailer! I first painted and epoxied the inside. I hope you guys enjoy these pics of what you can do with a little trailer. It works for us and I definitely don't have a ton of money in it.


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Dawg 89
^^^ looks great .
Painting before hand sure helps .
My paint job was a after thought . So only the open areas got painted .
Still improved the light reflection.