Let's see your race trailers . . .


Dawg 89
good lord ! I need to:
1) purchase a new trailer
2) elevate my trailer game
You can't win , with that old outdated stuff ..:giggle:.
We bought a rebuiler , been jackknifed .
Still has too much camber and toe on one of two axles . 16 years later .
Well worth the money spent .
Thank you guys!!! Appreciate the compliments! Floor was crazy easy. It’s just the epoxy with chips you can buy at Lowe’s, etc. that’s for concrete. Works perfect on plywood and hasn’t had a single issue even with oil, etc.
I also added a tire prep station on the opposite wall of the tires. It's just foldable shelf brackets and a scrap piece of plywood. I'll send pics this evening when I get home. Once the kart is out and under the canopy at the track, there is pretty decent room to move around, etc.
More pics. Hope it gives you guys ideas!


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I used a Behr Deck over textured paint on the floor of mine (Grey fog color). Used a satin white on the walls so they are somewhat wipable/ cleanable. You folks have some awesome trailers, my mind is spinning with the possibilities.

I have the etrack but I have a question. Anyone have regrets or issues putting them onto the floor budded up against the walls? Or should I offset them from the walls by a few inches?


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Jeff Wesell

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I have the etrack but I have a question. Anyone have regrets or issues putting them onto the floor budded up against the walls? Or should I offset them from the walls by a few inches?
In my personal trailer (posted on page one of this thread) the E-Track is installed on the floor right on the edge of each wall. This was originally done primarily to keep from hitting with the skis of our Snowmobiles. This now would not be an issue as once we installed the RaceDeck Flooring it made the E-Track recessed/flush to the floor height. I've not had any remorse as to putting the E-Track against the walls, however if I ever did it again I'd run a set right down the middle of the trailer as well if it would be flush with the floor.

In one of our company trailers we use, the E-Track is set out about 8 inches from each side wall. It is not flush with the floor so there is the constant hump of the E-Track which we continually catch with our shoes and sometimes have to fight with getting items rolled into an placed into the trailer, however, it is something we work with and will leave placed in it's current location.
Looking good! I placed my E track flush to the floor and about 10” from the wall. Basically the same width as an ATV or my kart stand so I can strap them down on the tires if I want. So far, it has not been an issue with mud, dirt, etc. The E track is elevated up slightly anyway and I just take my leaf blower and get rid of the dirt out the back.

Jeff Wesell

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Two things i saw in Jeff's rig you don't often see .
A first aid kit .
A fire extinguisher .
Both not often considered .
Handy in certain situations !
And not just one extinguisher, two of them. Second one is mounted on the curbside door (pictured here mounted even before we installed the flooring. :LOL: When we travel with the motorhome there is a 5# and 20# onboard. First aid cabinet has been in all of our last two trailers. Luckily only have had to use a few band-aids a few times.

Also have a coffee maker and little air compressor in the front overhead. Adjacent to those are a charging station for our radios.

Jeff Wesell

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Once of the best accessories on our trailer is a GPS Tracker. Ours is powered up fulltime via an additional onboard battery, wires ran internally inside the walls with the GPS unit hidden out of site. Has been a blessing for us whenever we leave the trailer out of our site and even when it is at home. I can get instant check-ins, follow the trailer when in motion and get instant texts and emails if there is any movement of the trailer. While we do have excellent insurance coverage on the trailer and contents, the GPS Tracker is one of the best additions for peace of mind and incase someone decides they need our trailer more than we do.



Anyone have any creative ideas for outdoor lighting without breaking the bank? On my previous trailer I mounted flood lights off the back that worked well. Looks like we'll be pitting out of the side of our new trailer and am trying to find a more reasonable option than lizard lit lights or the bucket lights.