LF spindle markings??

spindle angle build most likely . Example 15degree is whatch angle the spud is weld on the barrel .iam sure trick guy will no for sure.
The numbers stamped into the LF spindle flang, what duo they mean??

Ie.13 R 15 or 12 R 174


13 R 15 is a 2013 redemption and is the 15th kart made
12 R 174 is a 2012 Redemption and the 174th kart made.

The spindle degrees are stamped directly on the spindle arm. Ex. Lf spindles will have a 3, 5, 8, 0 meaning it has a 3 degree, 5degree, 8 degree, or 10 degree spindle.

The rf spindles if I remember correctly are marked with a V which is the latest spindle marc has put on the karts. Meaning same spindle since the Voodoo, i think that is correct or the new spindles arent stamped. But im pretty sure they are. Or J for a joker spindle etc.