LF wheel that works with brake


I know there are 6in bead lock wheels from QRC and SKE that work with a Lf brake. I am looking for a 6in non- bead lock wheel that I can use with a lf brake. Thx


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i have a QRC lf brake on a Trick Riddler... i use the vank-promaxx and used a bit of grinder on the caliper. scrub radius is increased from prior to having it.


I don't want to weld them shut. I'm trying to find a non bead lock wheel that will clear the LF brake without rubbing.


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Split rim might work .
Burris had a wheel with a different shape as well .
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Douglas (DWT) used to make them.
I don't have any in stock currently.
I have a couple for my personal use/kart and would like to pick up some more as well.

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For the split rim I know that on my enduro a 2.5 inside will clear the caliper with 5x 6 Vegas tires . The brakes are mcp with big rotors. Komet kart carries van -k that will work,I just bought some before the Charlotte race on the 16th. Later Chuck.