Limited modified question


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I have a flathead that is 60 over with 1.250 and 1.125 valves. I don't know what cam is in it but I have a 112 ALT cam and billet flywheel for it and also a tilly not sure which model though. I was going to make a stock appearing out of it but now I was leaning more towards a limited modified but just didn't know what all needed to be done to do that? I've tried to find some rules for limited but since the old bobs crashed info is limited. Any info/help is appreciated. The engine is due for a rebuild so I was just wondering which route I should go before the rebuild.
limited mod

What you have now is some what a limited mod
use the 112alt or better yet get a dyno 126.
not sure what piston is in it but 4.500 rod
or what is matched to the 60 over that's in it.
tilly is just fine.on the carb it will tell you what
it is.HL 348 314 360 ect.fuel pump to run tilly.
Okay thank you very much. Are those valve sizes okay for a limited? I looked on the tilly and somebody has filed the numbers off of it so I really don't know what model it is, I just know it's a little older carb.
Your past a Limited Mod, valves and seats are too big for a legal Limited, you can make a stock appearing out of it, but it would be a shame to back the HP down by having to run a stock appearing carb. Jon
I have a stock appearing carb for it as well. I was really hoping to be able to make a limited out of it. Our stock appearing class is clone only so that's out of the question and our open class is full of big bore/stroke flatheads and clones so it won't keep up there either.
What you have would work in the open class.
a little small on the bore but would work.
if their stroking them then its not a fair
fight but again its do able .you want to
rebuild it anyway ? so jmo bore it out
to 100 over or have it sleeved and then
bore it to could build a clone mod
cheaper then rebuilding this.just a thought.
they start out at 120 over stock bore to a
flat head.still use the carb you have a then
buy the tilly intake manifold for tilly to clone.
aps has them.just tossing stuff out.
Get ahold of Mike Clemnents engine builder he is in Ocala, FL he has a web site . He will make a stroker out of that motor.
I appreciate the help guys! I might give him a call and see if he can get it going in the right direction then. How much do y'all think I'm looking at if I just bored it 100 over and had it freshened up?