Little oil seepage


Noticed a very small amount of oil seeping in the fin area where one of the pockets is cut for a head bolt really just an oily film on the this normal.
It could be cut too deep and leaking once there is crankcase pressure (ie running.)
It could also be a stress crack from welding the lifter bore area - see this many times and is easily fixed with some quality epoxy.
Could be a fly-side oil seal. Usually this is whipped around everywhere though.

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Brian i took the bolt out and ran the high temp rtv on it like you said and doesnt leak now and i ran alot today alot of high rpm reving signs of leaking at the mating surface either?? Whatcha think..preciate the help thks a bunch
It could be cracked at the threads (seen this before too.)
Look very closely between then sleeve and the threads and see if there isn't a crack or stress fracture (vertically.)

Just for extra insurance, I'd throw a stock graphite (soft) Briggs gasket on it as well -- they conform to some deck irregularities better than the stiffer (Cometic mls, FelPro, metal-clad, etc) gaskets do.

If you've got a good flat & smooth RA finish on both the block and head, then I prefer the Cometic or Fel-Pro gaskets.

Glad it's runnin' good for you either way.