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Hi Racers, In looking for an engine builder and buying motors we got great and consistent information and there are exceptional and ethical builders across the country.
The one builder in California which gave us some different info which I want to get feedback on. He claimed to purchase "Canadian" LO 206 motors to prepare for race engines. His claim was their quality control was superior and performance was the best. Aren't all LO 206's built and assembled in Milwaukee, Wi? Is this performance advantage true?
He also claimed to have "special" 206 heads which flowed much better than average and were upto 1 full horsepower over most stock heads. Would a full 10% gain be possible while remaining true to the rule book?
It sounded like fishy info to me. Is it on the level?

BTW, the engine people who contribute on here are very solid and I respect you all. We have grown rapidly from 1 Cadet Kart to adding an adult Kart. We acquired 2 Hyper Motors, 1 Comet Motor (IKF Duffy Winner) and 1 Kart City Motor (IKF Duffy Winner), all lightly used but solid enough to start with for 2021. This is from asking around and getting feedback. Thanks to everyone who took me from limited knowledge to slightly above that... I appreciate you all.


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Personally , I don't trust outrageous claims , especially when I'm already doubting there validity . Sounds like you got a pretty good line up already .


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I'm sorry i haven't been here for quite a long time but it was a VERY busy racing season.
Peter, you are correct. There was a song many years ago called California Dreamin and i'd say it applies to answer your question above.
Please feel free to call, text or email me and i'll be happy to help you with what ever your questions are or needs.
I'd also be happy to explain to you how we prepare or refresh the LO 206 engines.
Best of luck


Thanks for answering Flattop and Jimbo! I do think I know the answer but was interested in seeing whether I was correct or partially correct or totally ignorant.
Now I drove a Kart today and confirms I got the bug...
1 full HP. Not the first time I've heard this btw.
This kind of stuff discredits the whole engine platform and should be addressed.
Think about it like this -- IF this were true, AND the parts deemed legal by qualified tech, THEN everyone and their brother would be ordering engines from this same builder.

Not saying that this guy didn't find "some" meat on the bone, but 10% in the head alone is a pretty far-fetched claim if it still can pass a solid tech.

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I’ve built a few Canadian engines and hundreds of American engines this year. The Canadian engines were so much better! Just kidding they ran the same. 😉

If/when someone has a full HP over the competition everyone in the country will know it within a few races. That is simply not the case. We won our share of races this year and don’t suspect any foul play at the bigger events regarding engines. Please don’t give it another thought that someone can legally get a full HP extra out of a head over a random new one. It’s not possible. Thanks Briggs and Stratton for making it easier to focus on driving and setup.

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As mentioned before. Run it for a few days to heat cycle the head then have one of the fine gentleman on here (like Jimbo or Brian) touch up the valve seats. That's where its at. I spent half the summer thinking I was getting every last bit of horsepower out of my son's until I realized the biggest gain is in the driver, then the gear, then chassis. In that order. We do sprint racing and 1 or 2 sloppy corners causes us to lose more lap time then the extra horsepower would ever get us. Now that doesn't mean I will stop trying to find a better setup, I just won't beat myself up if he doesn't place first...
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To set the record straight, every 206 engine assembled originates out of one location. Incorrect information (some would scream false) to think Canadian engines might be better. Here's why.

Briggs ships engines out of inventory, to Italy, China, Germany, United States, and MANY other destinations, including Canada. The reason Canadian engines are marked w/ a Maple Leaf and identified differently, to protect Canadians against distributors from other countries, by undercutting their MSR (list price). Mr. Paul Cooke put that in place w/ Briggs, and it's been honored ever since. All Briggs 206 engines arrive at the warehouse in Canada, then STAMPED at that time w/ the Canadian Signature.

If someone tells you different, they're confused.
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