LO-206 Motor Mount - 5 or 15 degree?

Double E Ranch

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Made the move from clone to the 206. Question....what degree motor mount should I use. Clone I had a 15 degree. Was told by one person with the 206 need to use a 5 degree. With the 5 degree I have to really slide the motor far forward to have the air cleaner clear the RR tire.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
We use a 15 on both of ours and no problems....just tilt the carb. Several at out track also run the 15
Why did the guy say you "need to." Totally unecessary to run a 5 or 7 degree on any animal for performance. The engine doesn't care. Whatever fits easily
When mounting the carb to the intake manifold you will find that one of the bolt holes is actually a slot so you can rotate the carb.
The best way to mount the carb is by looking through the carb (slide removed) to make sure the manifold isn't blocking any air flow.
Don't worry about weather not not the carb is level. It will work just fine on a slight angle.
I prefer to run the Animal or LO-206 on the 8degree mount and my clone on a 15degree mount. We use the PMI brand mounts that offer a lot of adjustments. Seen quite a few on 15degrees, and who can argue with Gary or Jimbo ;)
It is more important to line up the manifold to the port and the carb to the manifold than it is to worry about getting it level. 15* mount works perfect.