LO206 and Animal choke springs

We've had several people say that they could not get any choke springs for their Briggs L206 or animal carbs....
We've got plenty. There is no shortage.
They sure work nicer than a wire tie or safety wire (especially if you ever need to choke the engine when starting.) :)

Give me a call at the shop number or drop me a note on here.

Brian Carlson
We'll bring plenty of these to the swap meets this weekend at Lebanon, IN, & Peotone, IL.
Give us a call if you need anything else (specific) brought with us to these shows.

Plenty to go around.
This choke spring works so much better than wire ties, safety wire, etc, because it holds the choke open without making it inoperable. This makes starting in cold weather so much more convenient.

Plenty of these available.
They work great at keeping the choke out of the way while racing, while allowing the choke to be used if necessary for easier starting.

Order something other than just a spring and radius washer though -- shipping will kill you on very small orders, and the USPS is less than reliable. :)

Choke springs and radius washers are available.
2 valuable items for the LO206 that seem to be in demand but short in supply from time to time.

Great little item to allow your carburetor choke to function at start-up, but not obstruct the airflow under racing conditions.
These come standard on every LO206 and animal engine that we sell or rebuild in our shop.
You can buy these individually and easily install them yourself (no tools required.)