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Ok, so I am new to karting but learning a lot. My son runs a green slide junior division (250#) and I’m trying to understand the relation between idle speed and setting clutch engagement. From what I have seen from Briggs, max Hp for my kart is at 5,000 rpm. So...what is advantage for adjusting clutch engagement higher? What dictates what clutch engagement rpm to use? Does it matter if running a small rear sprocket (for higher top end speed) or larger rear sprocket? Course is about .4 miles long without much elevation change.
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Really no relationship between idle speed and clutch engagment .
It needs to idle without dying and without pulling the engine down by engaging at idle .
The range it slips at needs to work with the slowest corner imho .
Slip too high you give up usable power .
Slip to low your not utilizing max power .
Sprint 206 racer can get you more accurate info .


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Engage the clutch at peak torque.
Only advantage I can see to engage it slightly lower is for technical courses where you currently disengage the clutch and do not want to.
The torque curve is very flat in these engines and is somewhat forgiving.

Set the idle high enough that it won't stall (even with an off track excursion.)

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