Lo206 red slide rich


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my boy has a lo206 with a red slide
I noticed black smoke coming out of the silencer.
float drop 1.062
float height .870
needle pin 2
mix screw - 1.5 coutnterwise
415 ml / 14 oz oil
valve lash clearance 0.004 inch
idle set to 2100
any idea?
I also saw flames coming out of the silencer


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When on the throttle, or simply at idle and leaving the grid?
Your float height is considerably richer than I set mine, but you can't just go by that.
How does it run on the track? That's what I'd be concerned about.

Also be sure to differentiate between oil smoke and fuel over-rich condition.
An A/F ratio will let you know that.
A catch can line with a little sag to it not enough crankcase ventilation can cause some oil smoke.
Could be an indication of a valve guide or cylinder/ring wear as well.

If you're certain that it's fuel, lean it down and watch your lap times.
Just a hint: Leaner is not always faster - especially on long slide classes.

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