LO206 Won't Start


Good question! I've been racing karts for 58 years, but I'm a 4 cycle newbee.
I check this site every day. Sometimes I can help with an answer, but most times I'm checking to learn something I didn't know. Or better yet, something I didn't know, that I should know!!! :>
I also agree, we don't all have to agree, but there should always be respect for each other.
Clark Gaynor Sr.


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Maybe theres something I missed or do not understand, but why didnt you try the idle speed adjustment instead of the idle mixture adjustment?


if people wanted to use facebook, we would go there.
Its not a forum if its on facebook, its a page
There are way more qualified people here to answer his question than your page.
My guess if youre taking content from here and placing it on facebook, your stay here wont be long
Just trying to help....